Yhung.Sammy – Broken (ft.Perish)


Broken is a new single from Hayward, California-based artist, Yhung.Sammy. With his latest song having already nearly hit 20k views on Youtube, Yhung.Sammy is quickly establishing himself as one of the primary up and coming artists in the city of Hayward. Musically, Broken isn’t easy to classify, as it blends elements of hip hop, pop, emo, chillwave and various other genres. Featuring some slick guitar riffs, an ambient beat, vocal layering and a rap interlude, the song manages to pack a satisfying sound variety and complete narrative into its brief, two-minute runtime. The ambiance is mellow and—as the title suggests—the lyrics express an endearing level of emotional openness. Yhung.Sammy has released several singles already, just in 2020. If he keeps releasing notably creative music at this prolific pace, not only Hayward but the rest of California may begin to take notice.

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