Ray Chillout – Petra


Petra is a new single from 23-year-old French speaking composer, Ray Chillout. He specializes in EDM/ambient house music and began his music career in 2019. Ray also created the #petrachallenge on Tik Tok, in relation to his song, Petra. It has amassed 2 million views on the platform.

Musically speaking, the song is impressive and I must admit I enjoy the style much more than “standard” house music. The beat has a bouncy, retro-futuristic quality. It actually reminds me of 80s synth-pop, with its emotional intensity and polished, action oriented sound. The female vocals are soft, mesmerizing and have an avant-garde edge. Petra definitely captures the urban nightlife ambiance with all its intimate, hypnotic energy and shadowy, uncertain atmosphere. This is a very high quality release. It’s hard to even believe that Ray Chillout has only been making music professionally since 2019. If I hadn’t known, I would have assumed this came from an established independent or major label. With this song making the rounds on Tik Tok and other social media sites, it won’t be long before it becomes widely recognizable among people of a certain age.

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