Nere men inte död low res

Beaten but Not Dead is a new single from Swedish melodic rock group, Pressure. The band’s name stems from idea of embracing and overcoming the “pressures” that people face in their daily struggles. Sound wise, the group’s influences include artists like Sabaton, Bon Jovi, Raubtier and Mimikry. Beaten but Not Dead blends elements of hard rock and metal to create a kind of anthem of resilience.


As the title suggests, the song promotes the spirit of perseverance in the face of adversity. Much like coal can produce diamonds, pressure can transform humans into something more powerful. While the pacing is modest, the impact is thunderous, and the song rocks. The production has excellent clarity, and the performances are musically competent. I listened to the English version, but the track is available in Swedish as well. Hot off the presses, Beaten but Not Dead was released officially on Oct 1st (today).

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