Jak Frawst – Gotta Make It


Gotta Make It is a new single from hip hop artist, Jak Frawst. It’s not as if you can really go wrong with a moniker like that, but in this case Jak Frawst’s latest jam is indeed awesome. It was produced by JAZ-O, under the Werkshop Music LLC banner. The track re-captures the spirit of 90s golden age hip hop, with its modest pacing and larger than life sound. The backing beat is deep, blending surreal elements of magic and fantasy with a crisp, robust rhythm. I’ve reviewed a lot of hip hop songs this year which have had excellent backing music. This one ranks up there with the best.

For his part, Jak Frawst maintains a charismatic vocal presence, with that casual, old school delivery style that will always be supreme. He lists Run-DMC and LL Cool J as being among his influences, yet he manages to draw from his inspirations while not simply emulating them. He has established his own distinct style. Jak Frawst’s upcoming EP, Trials and Triumphs is slated to be released soon. Stay tuned for his upcoming projects, which include musical collaborations with Sammy Davis Jr.’s son, Women’s D-League B-ball, and others.

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