CIENFUE – Life in the Tropics


Life in the Tropics is a new album from electronic psychedelic artist, CIENFUE. First off, let me just point out what an awesome album cover that is. Aesthetically, it’s right up my alley. They say not to judge a book by its cover, but when I saw that artwork I knew I would like this. The songs combine elements of psychedelia with tropically flavored synth pop, creating a highly enjoyable retro-futuristic concoction. The beat has an organic, relaxed and almost tribal feel, while the instrumentals range from video game style “chip tune” sounds to epic, ethereal synths. Musically, my favorite song on this album is the ultra catchy, Sunset Sesh. The performances are professional and competent. Thematically, everything fits together well, and the sound is consistent throughout. Honestly, this is a masterpiece. It has more than obscure “avant garde” appeal as well, as the stellar (yet sparingly used) vocals bump these jams up a notch. There are songs on here that could genuinely be hits.

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