Broot – Reason Number One


Reason Number One is a new single from Haverill, MA-based hip hop artist, Broot. This is one of those classic hip hop jams that is powered mainly by the rappers impressive flow. The beat is minimalist, while the ambiance is largely composed of a delightfully eerie musical backing. There’s definitely a slightly dark and haunting quality to the recording. Remove the vocals, and this track could be a good fit on any indie horror movie soundtrack. The music is a real attention grabber, right from the opening bell.

For his part, Broot raps in a fast-paced, stream of consciousness style. He demonstrates impeccable timing, and his performance would make this song worth listening to even if there were no music at all. His lyrics are detailed and comprehensive. With his delivery, you’ll want to listen to this at least twice to see if you missed any juicy tidbits. The mix has a nice clarity to it. Unlike many contemporary hip hop artists, Broot doesn’t have a “busy” mix that obscures or distracts from his talent. He’s a solid poet who raps well. What little music there is simply enhances his delivery, by providing a bit of correlative, spooky atmosphere.

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