Love – Lawrence Qualls (feat: Steven Spradley)

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Love is a new single from Los Angeles-based music producer, Lawrence Qualls and features Steven Spradley. Co-written by J. Blu, this classic neo-soul jam features a bright and creatively melodic musical backing. Sonically, it’s quite pleasing in its colorful, collage-like form. The song is ultimately carried by the exquisite vocals of international soul singer, Steven Spradley. His voice is dynamic and emotive, displaying an impressive range in both tone and feeling. He is also a superb singer technically, making it look way easier than it really is. Musically, the term “soul” gets thrown around a lot, but in my opinion this music is truly soulful, as it is performed with incredible heart and with an energy that derives from some place even deeper.


Qualls provides an excellent musical framework for this track to be successful. The songwriting structure is simple yet brilliant in its emphasis of certain elements, while the mix sets the stage for the song’s invigorating ambiance. In these relatively uncertain times, the song brings out the better part of humanity and makes for an uplifting experience. There’s a lot of talent here, and everyone involved is clearly a veteran in their respective musical discipline. Lawrence Qualls has a full length album coming out, The Adventures of BoogaloodaGod, which is slated for release on 12-25-20. The title is certainly intriguing, and I have no doubt the album itself will be top-tier.

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