Kid Condo – 409


409 is a new single from hip hop artist, Kid Condo. Not to be confused with the classic Beach Boys’ song of the same name, this is a solid and straightforward rap jam. “Kid Condo” is one of the more memorable artist monikers I’ve seen. As a rapper, Kid Condo has a stream-of-consciousness delivery style and raps with an almost emo intensity in his voice. It’s lively and engaging. The lyrics are refreshing in the way they combine youthful angst and bravado with vulnerability. The subtle sensitivity will surely resonate with listeners of a certain age. Apparently this is the first song this artist has ever released. There’s definitely some potential there. The beat has a nice kick to it, and the backing music features ambient synths that spread out the mix evenly. Kid Condo is just getting started, but I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more from this guy.

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