Ace Drucci – Big Talk (feat. Blue Da_Artist)

Big Talk Cover Full

Big Talk is a new single from hp hop artist, Ace Drucci. The backing music is exotic and has an almost retro film quality to it. It’s pretty rare to hear a hip hop jam incorporate wind instruments, and it’s done masterfully here. The hauntingly charming beat juxtaposes beautifully with Ace Drucci’s robust delivery. Seriously, his rhymes are tight with the beat and on point like geometry. The actual beat itself has a potent thump to it. There’s an interlude which showcases the impressive skills of “Blue Da_Artist,” whose assertive, no-nonsense style demonstrates a readiness to handle biz at a moment’s notice. There’s obviously lots of rap talent on display here, and the creative “new agey” musicality elevates the track into something uniquely avant garde and memorable. Big Talk is grand.

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