OSF Profit – On And On


On And On is a new single from artist, OSF Profit. The track combines pop, R&B and hip hop to create a fresh and catchy sound. The backing music incorporates piano, while the beat has a summertime, slightly tropical vibe. The lyrics oscillate between romantic sentimentalism and youthful angst. OSF Profit’s vocals are honest and expressive. He really lays it all out there. The timing in his delivery is quite good, and his light, melodic tone matches up well with the ambiance of the music. There’s some nice backup vocal layering in the mix, which gives the track an enhanced, ethereal quality. The beat has a peppy, casual bounce, which balances the bittersweet lyrics quite well. On And On is a decent jam musically, but just as importantly, it seems like the artist was able to get a lot off his chest.

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