HitRocker – Project One


Project One is an album from Germany-based artist, HitRocker. Don’t be fooled by generic and intentionally mechanical song titles like Project 1.1, Project 1.2, etc. The jams on this album are lively and dynamic to the max. Thought the titles appear nearly uniform in style, the actual EDM songs each have their own recognizable and distinct identity. There’s nothing monotonous in these hot EDM cuts. This is some of the best electronic club music out there.

Blending elements of house, “deep house” and traditional EDM, HitRocker cultivates a state-of-the-art, quasi-futuristic sound. The vocals lend these tracks pop sensibilities and add another dimension to the recordings, which was a pleasant surprise. The mixes maintain a sonic clarity that would make even the the most discriminating audiophile blush. Project One is high intensity dance music, and it will get your neurons firing. It’s worth noting that HitRocker has already released a sequel album, imaginatively titled, Project Two. It is every bit as good as the first one. I recommend listeners check it out.

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