A1aska – Black and White


Black and White is a new single from artist, A1aska. Born and raised in Alaska, the artist chose the name “A1aska” because while he was in the military, people always seemed surprised when they found out where he was from. So it became a casual nickname and later an artist moniker. While he has only been releasing music for the last year or so, A1aska has 10 years experience making electronic music, dating back to his high school days.

This latest track reveals his true power level. Black and White is a high octane, futuristic dance track that blends various elements of EDM and synthpop. Subtly dark energy and an aura of mystery radiate from this radical jam, which has a polished, almost industrial sound. The mix is rich and robust, brimming with intensity, while the synths are absolutely pristine. Though this is primarily an instrumental track, there are lyrical phrases which accentuate the song’s ambiance, and which are also quite catchy in a hypnotic sort of way. In fact, I would go as far as to say this song could become a hit, as it practically programs the lyrical mantras into your brain. This is an excellent release. In addition to being thought provoking, Black and White is a well-crafted piece of musical machinery.

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