Cocaine – Yin


Yinis a new EP from Jersey City-based hip hop artist, Cocaine. If you’re in need of an end of summer pick-me-up, these jams will hit the spot. The beats are crisp, and the mix has a very polished feel. Tracks like Pinyata feature a robust bass with rich, deep synths. The song Closed-In-19 appears to be reference to the contemporary “COVID-19” pandemic and its cultural effects.

Cocaine’s delivery style is assertive and charismatic. His pacing alternates between mellow and quick-witted, while the tone is consistently confident and reflective. One thing he does very effectively is utilize his voice as a kind of instrumental backing vocal, incorporating subtle sounds and well-timed repetition to accentuate the beat. Cocaine reveals that he wants his rap to appeal to all kinds of people, basically anyone who loves hip hop. This EP can definitely be appreciated by anyone. It’s compact and punchy, with the production quality calibrating the tracks for maximum impact.

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