Demon Mine – Flamefarmer


Flamefarmer is a new album from artist Demon Mine. Blending elements of death metal, trip hop, downtempo, house and glitch, Demon Mine refers to his genre as “tank music.” The songs on this album feature delightfully eerie synths, which have almost a late 1970s sci-fi quality to them (the gold standard of synthesizer sound in my opinion). Tracks like Cactus Wind convey a futuristic, desolate desert vibe. I’m from Arizona, and this song (whether intentionally or not) authentically captures the “feeling” of driving through the desert alone at night. Another notable jam is Twist Top, which acts a powerful, psychic sonic wave. It’s melodic and intense and you can just feel it beaming into your brain.

The ambiance of this album is dark and subtly suspenseful. At the same time, the music is quite enjoyable and even calming at times. My favorite song on here (aside from the stellar opening track) is probably Mr. Midnight. Not only does it have a nifty little glitch/chiptune intro, but the beat is shape-shiftingly dynamic. Alternating from robust pulsepounder to Castlevania-style castle music, this fun-filled track keeps you guessing. Thematically, Flamefarmer is consistent in its identity while incorporating enough musical variety to offer a satisfying listening experience.

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