David Sosa – Journey to Love

journey to love_final version_v2

Journey to Love is a new album from New York-based singer/songwriter, David Sosa. Featuring melodic, jazzy beats and dynamic vocals, this soulful R&B release is ultra smooth. The backing music has a polished and pristine late 1970s-early 1990s feel, just that type of professional musicianship and expert production you don’t really see any more in the mainstream. Essentially, this is major label-tier music but better than what contemporary major labels put out.

The real driving force here though is David Sosa’s voice. He is a truly gifted singer. Combining emotional expression, passion and sensitivity with technical ability, his performance earns high marks. In this challenging genre, you can tell right away whether someone can really sing, and David Sosa delivers his lines at an award worthy level. The music is refreshingly creative also. While this may have been inspired by classic 90s R&B, it incorporates a number of experimental intros, unique synths and isn’t afraid to take chances. Journey to Love is a highly romantic album, which will leave listeners mesmerized, impressed and charmed even if they’re not “in the mood.”

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