Yolo Mike – Let’s Talk


Let’s Talk is a new single from hip hop artist, Yolo Mike, a Jackson, MS native who is currently based in Dallas. The song is a pretty straightforward hip hop jam. As the title suggests, Yolo Mike engages in some lyrical real talk about various subjects that are on his mind. He gets a lot of things off is chest, ranging from personal reflection to social commentary and the struggles of life. His delivery is sincere, and the timing is right where it needs to be. Basically, he has his style nailed down and performs with confidence. The beat is piano-driven and maintains an ethereal, dreamlike quality through the use of vocal layering and various effects. The tone is also somewhat inspirational. There’s a video for this track as well, which features some rather impressive murals as scenic backdrops and Yolo Mike demonstrating his effective stage presence.

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