Aztro – Alfa Romeo 2


Alfa Romeo 2 is a new album from hip hop artist Aztro. In case you were wondering, there was a previous album, Alfa Romeo, which this appears to be a sequel of. We’re going to focus on the most recent release, since it’s hot off the presses.

The first Alfa Romeo release
The first Alfa Romeo release

The first thing I noticed about Alfa Romeo 2 is that it features some the raddest beats I’ve ever heard on a hip hop album. The retro-futuristic backing music consists of dreamlike synths that are sonically satisfying on every level, setting the listener up for a smooth ride. Atmospheric and surreal, the music elevates the album both intellectually and in terms of the relaxed “mood” it facilitates. It’s worth noting that DJ Dizzy produced all the beats and is also a featured performer on several tracks. Other artists like Kapp Kush and Kbo UKrazy make appearances on the album as well. It’s fitting that a producer with a name like “Dizzy Mcfly” would be involved in this production, given the exotic sports car motifs and general Back to the Future ambiance instilled in the recordings.

For his part, Aztro’s delivery is consistent with the quality of the beats. His style is mellow and business-casual. He has a conversational manner of rapping, that flows very well and matches the tonality of the music. His voice is extremely pleasing to listen to, and he demonstrates his rap skills without ever coming off like he’s trying too hard or posturing aggressively. He allows his performance to speak for itself. Also, the vocals have great clarity, and he doesn’t ruin the sound by tinkering too much with unnecessary effects and production gimmickry. In fact, the entire mix is clean and completely free of the abrasive elements typically found in hip hop releases, such as excessive processing and irritating sound frequencies.

Alfa Romeo 2 is better than almost anything you’ll hear on contemporary hip hop radio. (Do people still even listen to the actual radio?) The album has pretty much everything going for it: excellent production, catchy lyrics, talented (and marketable) performers and even a coherent theme. Musically it’s a complete success. Hopefully, it will receive enough exposure to send Aztro and his associates through the hip hop stratosphere. We’ll be looking forward to number 3 in the trilogy.

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