Joe Solid – Heart Full Of Pain


Heart Full Of Pain is an upcoming mixtape from hip hop artist, Joe Solid. A second generation rapper (his father was a rapper also) born in Memphis, Joe Solid has accumulated his share of skills. He comes across as professional and experienced in his performance. One of the tracks on this release, Big Homie features a beat by Grammy nominated artist, Tony Fadd. It’s a high octane, theatrical jam and Joe Solid certainly does it justice. One of the more impressive aspects of his delivery is how he maintains a consistent flow at a brisk pace, without taking breaks or missing a beat. Seriously, this guy doesn’t come up for air.


Other tracks like Peace of Mind convey a more a soulful and R&B sensibility. These melodic songs demonstrate Joe Solid’s versatility as an artist, musician, and even vocalist. No Feelings is surprisingly sentimental and Joe Solid dives down deep for a rather personal and heartfelt tribute, while the robust Solid’s Back dials the intensity back up for an action packed power rap. Overall, this mixtape looks promising. The songs are constructed competently, musically enjoyable and rich with emotional substance.

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