Rhino Fight – Fuel


Fuel is a new album from Philadelphia-based indie hip hop duo, Rhino Fight. The backing music is ethereal, sometimes bordering on psychedelic and has a warm, analog quality. While the delivery is mellow and laid back, the lyrics are substantive, containing everything from casual reflections on daily life to more in depth philosophical insights. The seemingly light-hearted nature in the performances is balanced by the captivating cerebral music which envelops them. The artists rap about everyday struggles romance, humor, sensuality and a host of other random subjects. My favorite track on here is probably Down With the Thickness, which has an awesome intro that sounds like something you’d hear in a suspenseful moment of 1960’s Star Trek episode. All of the music on this album is phenomenal, and consists of an eerie blend of retro synths, unidentifiable samples and crisp beats. Fuel is an artistically authentic, experimental hip hop release with a teriffic ambiance.

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