TazForte – Home Team


Home Team is a new album from Atlanta-based hip hop artist, TazForte. Featuring high octane beats and a theatrical intensity, the backing music sets a high energy tone. TazForte’s delivery alternates between mellow and conversational to vigorously expressive. He has a distinctive vocal style, often manipulating his voice for effect and to serve as its own kind of instrument. The title track was a wise choice as Home Team is an instantly catchy song, that just entices you to wanna sing along right from the opening bell. What TazForte does effectively with most of the songs on this album is start them off low key and casual, until they have a moment where the beat just kicks in, and suddenly the jam is action packed. After a while, the listener begins to anticipate this, and it just adds to the excitement and suspense. The album has several solid songs on it, but main single Home Team is a potential hit. TazForte demonstrates some excellent songwriting and structuring ability on this release. He definitely has some skills and is a well rounded performer.

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