Angelo David – B & W (12)

B & W is a new single from Boston-based pop/electro singer, songwriter and producer, Angelo David. His songs frequently aim to raise awareness to issues like social inclusion, mental health awareness, and individuality, which relate to his own experiences growing up. At 18 years old, Angelo David (who actually began writing songs at the age of 8) is something of a child musical prodigy. Listening to this recent track, it becomes immediately clear that he is a top-tier pop performer. The song itself blends elements of pop, electro and R&B, but it’s ultimately Angelo David’s vocals that really stand out. He’s a genuinely good singer, but just as importantly he sings expressively and with a distinctive style. The lyrics are delivered with a personal, emotive touch, with each word being accented with a little twist or hint of personality, as great pop artists are known to do.

The backing music is also more imaginative and dynamic than what we hear in most contemporary pop songs. Angelo keeps things interesting and engaging with strategic breaks and a slight unpredictability. Beginning with B & W, he is releasing a substantial collection of songs in 2020. Angelo David already has racked up quite a few impressive achievements, and he appears to be just getting started.

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