Kosmic Dragon – Cosmic Rings


Cosmic Rings is a new single from power metal band, Kosmic Dragon. First of all, let’s just take a moment to appreciate the retro-futuristic late 1970s-style covert art, with its vintage Battlestar Galactica/Star Crash vibe. The guitars on this jam are powerful, correlating beautifully with the galactically ambitious lyrics.

The level of intensity combined with the surreal space opera/fantasy narrative channels the thematic spirit of classic Iron Maiden songs like Caught Somewhere In Time and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. I actually love this kind of music, especially when it’s performed as well as it is here. This track has it all: time travel, imminent destruction of the galaxy, deep space cryonic temperatures, a hero’s journey, etc. The vocals are great, too. This is probably the hardest genre of metal to sing convincingly, and the vocalist pulls it off. Solid technical guitar work combines with grandiose theatrics and charismatic vocals, setting the stage for an epic boss battle for control of the universe. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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