Decoding Jesus – Mare Tranquillitatis

decoding jesus-Mare tranquillitatis

Mare Tranquillitatis is a new single from artist, Decoding Jesus. I use the term “single” loosely here, because the track is over 11 minutes long and would more appropriately described as an odyssey. As the title suggests, through its hypnotic, spaced out ambiance, this electronica song offers an escape from the madness of our contemporary world. This music does indeed induce a calming state of tranquility, allowing one to “check out” by gazing into the cosmos and soaking in the ethereal beats. Mare Tranquillitatis has plenty of intensity though. While the atmosphere is often haunting and slightly mysterious (like the moon itself), when the beat kicks into high gear, it’s actually pretty high octane and powerful. There’s some serious dark matter dance energy here.

decoding jesus 2020 promo 2

The sound is largely driven by futuristic synths and haunting background vocalizations. This song strikes me as more spiritual, meditative and entrancing than similar jams in this genre, which often have a “mechanical” or industrial feel. There’s a genuine sense of mystery and wonder here. Mare Tranquillitatis is a standout track, which isn’t surprising since Decoding Jesus is a seasoned professional who has been making dance music for over a decade. It’s a shame we can’t actually escape to the moon, but this kind of musical astral projection is the next best thing.

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