Chinedu – Sunshine


Sunshine is a new single from Chinedu, a Nigeria-born artist who grew up in Chicago and is now based in Los Angeles. This latest song is from his album, Apotheosis. Musically, the track flows at a modest pace, while maintaining a robust beat in the background. It’s a blend of pop and R&B that has a more personal feel than more typical mainstream songs. Symphonic synths and backing vocals create a dramatic, theatrical ambiance. Chinedu’s lyrical delivery is heartfelt and sincere, as he demonstrates a strong “stage presence” in the mix. The song itself deals with a sunshine metaphor as its theme. It involves finding meaning in one’s life and experiencing a kind of rebirth and renewed sense of spirit, after living through a difficult or unfulfilling time. It’s one of those intriguing songs that gets you thinking about the subject matter and really piques your curiosity. I recommend listening to the entire album for the full effect and to gain a broader appreciation for Chinedu’s work. You won’t be disappointed.

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