August G Russell aka KINDNESS – THE JOKER (ft. Lil Wayne)


THE JOKER is a new single from Los Angeles-based musician and actor, KINDNESS (real name August G Russell). The highly anticipated song apparently features hip hop legend, Lil Wayne. There will also be two upcoming videos for this track. One will be animated, and the other a live action vid. Accompanied by an EP, this song has the potential to reach a global audience. Rumor has it that THE JOKER was even submitted for a GRAMMY award, but was not completed/released in time to qualify for consideration.

While KINDNESS may have come from a traditional singing, dancing and acting background, his hip hop songs are surprisingly creative and avant garde, peppered with unique sound samples and an exotic ambiance. His delivery style is artistic and thought provoking, often resembling elaborate performance art or film (perhaps owing to his acting and theatrical experience.) Among his influences, he cites Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Will Smith, Tupac, to name a few. His songs contain a strong narrative component, like short plays. What’s exciting about this THE JOKER is that it will blend KINDNESS’ artful song structure with Lil Wayne’s pop sensibilities and hip hop prowess, offering audiences a glimpse into the best of both worlds.

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