Popa Tate – Son of the Devil


Son of the Devil is a new single from Mobile, Alabama-born hip hop artist, Popa Tate. This prolific rapper has released an astounding 5 albums in just the last 10 months. Recognizing the importance of learning a trade in today’s world, he also attends school for welding.

The production on this latest track is surprisingly high quality for an indie hip hop jam, featuring a good clean mix that brings out the best sonic frequencies. It’s very professional and instantly commands respect. The backing music consists of lightly dramatic piano/synths and a vigorous beat in the foreground. Structurally complex and musically melodic, it’s a fairly advanced backdrop that Popa Tate has to work with. His delivery is quick-witted and solid. He maintains superb timing even with a fast paced style that comes off as fresh, real and unrehearsed. There’s a genuine passion and charisma in his tone. Perhaps that’s because Popa Tate isn’t just role playing. He’s a rapper that has lived through real experiences, and this is detectable in his vocal performance. Within the track’s 3 minute runtime, he manages to cover an impressive range of emotions, from rage to reflection to sentimentality and beyond. Really though this is just a dynamic and spirited hip hop jam. Great for pool parties and club action or just late night city drives with friends.

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