SaigosMusic – Northern Lights

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With a runtime of nearly 60 minutes, Northern Lights is a collection of lofi beats from artist, Saigos Music. A blend of carefully curated tracks as well as 3 original works, this compilation cultivates a warm, analog appeal. Complete with subtle tape hiss and ambient noise, the songs correlate beautifully with the remote cabin setting and cozy, living room visuals in the accompanying video. The atmospheric elements of the music are such that it almost feels like we’re sitting right there and can hear the delicate crackling of the fireplace in the background. Most of these jams would probably classified as “chillwave” or some adjacent microgenre, but the vibe here is a little bit more organic and avant garde that what would traditionally fit neatly within a slick and futuristic framework. There are traces of jazz, psychedelia, and even “hypno” detectable.

The songs are richly distinctive and contain variety, while still remaining sonically consistent with the overall aesthetic. Nothing seems out of place. There are over 20 relaxing tracks contained in this collection, ranging from mellow to contemplative and surreal, and all the pieces of the playlist fit snugly. I would highly recommend this playlist to anyone who wants to meditate and reach a higher state of consciousness, or even if you’re just looking to wind down your evening with something superior to an ASMR vid. Ultimately, Northern Lights harnesses the cutting edge synth components and retro-futuristic beauty of vapor/synthwave yet ultimately presents with a more intimate and nature-inspired sound.

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