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PASSING THE BALL is a new single from 4N Boyz, a hip hop duo founded by artists 4NJig and 4NHammy from in Chicago, IL. 4NJig was originally born in India, while his counterpart 4NHammy is of Pakistani ancestry (but was born and raised in the US).

Featuring a trippy synth driven backbeat that’s surreal and punchy, this latest jam makes solid use of its compact, two-minute runtime. Seriously, the backing music is exotic and has an ethereal, cosmic vibe. There are a couple of strategic breaks in the track utilized to great effect, as part of the buildup to the catchy refrain/title. The vocal delivery style is lively and intense, with enough energetic charisma to keep the action high. The artists also prove themselves to be capable poets, with lyrics that are clever, imaginative and often humorous. This song really contains some choice lines, but I’ll leave it to the listener to see if they can locate them. All in all, this is a tight little party track that delivers the flavor.

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