ST1XX- Body (Ft. KZ $ L X M)


Body (Ft. KZ $ L X M) is a new single from artist, ST1XX. Blending elements of R&B and hip hop, the song is backed by a chill, synth-driven beat. The music has an exotic, almost dreamlike “trip hop” quality, which distinguishes it from more standard hip hop and R&B. The pacing is mellow, and the vibe is relaxed for much of the track, while there are moments where the action really amps up, and we’re treated to some solid rhymes. The vocal delivery style is versatile and melodic, ranging from casual to exciting. It’s a collaborative effort, and everyone adds their own unique flavor to the sound with their contribution. The melody becomes quite catchy after a couple of listens as well. This single has a dreamy musical flow, and the beat has a nice boom to it. I would imagine this jam would sound even better in the car with the bass cranked up.

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