Terry Blade – Black Hurts


Black Hurts is a new single from Chicago-based singer/songwriter, Terry Blade. Blending elements of R&B, soul, blues and folk, the song has a very organic and timeless feel. If I had encountered this song in the wild, I might assume I was listening to a classic recording. The guitar tone is rich with vintage warmth and sonic subtleties that instantly resonate. I used to work in the amplifier business, and I’ve met musicians who spent years (and many thousands of dollars) seeking out the kind of quality tone presented in this jam. Ultimately though, Terry Blade’s vocals are what fuel the song. An accomplished and award-winning artist, Terry sings with passion and sincerity about the Black experience. He doesn’t shy away from expressions of pain and vulnerability. This is a sentimental, sensitive and serious song, backed by music that is artistically constructed and has a stylishly groovy vibe.

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