William Wood – STAY!

New Project (44)

STAY! is a new single from artist, William Wood. This high energy pop/rock song has already managed to get played on BBC radio, and its easy to see why. The production quality is top notch, mainstream friendly and on the level that’s on par with what one would expect from high budget, major label releases. William Wood goes about as far as you could go with an indie jam.

The beat is tight, and there’s some decent bass. Rockin’ guitars give the sound a nice, assertive kick and help to differentiate the vibe from something like EDM. This is one of those fast paced pop tracks with euphoric action coming from all directions. The mix is full and bright and provides perfect party atmosphere. William Wood is a capable singer, but just as importantly, his performance is brimming with enthusiasm, affable personality and casual charisma. Lyrically, this is a romantic song featuring a passionate appeal to rekindle passions with a former crush/partner. The presentation though is fun, and upbeat. There’s nothing dreary here. Ultimately, the specific subject matter of the song won’t matter much to the people on the dance floor, who will be too busy going wild and singing along. STAY! is a solid release that knows exactly the kind of song it wants to be and succeeds in getting there.

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