Kaleidanoyse – Pasttime(s)


Pasttime(s) is a new single from artist, Kaleidanoyse (the name for the musical project of Aureus Nova Solis). The artist has a unique series called Remnants, where he revisits tracks from his most recent album to create a remix/b-side. He does this in the final quarter of each year. In the case of Pasttime(s), it is a “remnant” release relating to the album, Kaleidanoyse V.

The song blends elements of jazz, dance, classical, ambient and new age to form an abstract and avant garde sound. The ambiance is meditative and hypnotic in a way that’s creative and original. I honestly haven’t heard anything quite like this. “Kaleidanoyse” really is an appropriate moniker, as the music really does resemble a kind of kaleidoscopic collage. There’s a slightly mystical and futuristic quality, reminiscent of retro science fiction. However, this aspect combines with an organic and nature-oriented vibe. There’s even a jazzy, quiet urban nightlife component thrown into the mix as well. From a musical perspective, it’s all very melodic and well put together. The sound can be both relaxing and provocative, depending on what the listener chooses to get out of the experience. Pasttime(s) is top notch mood music. It’s artistically comprehensive without coming off as pretentious. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to enjoy music on a deeper, spiritual level.

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