Xwisdom – Truth Grenade


Truth Grenade is a recent single from UK-based hip hop artist, Xwisdom. He’s released 3 albums already, and a 4th is currently in the works. True to its title, Truth Grenade hits hard and fast, clocking in with a runtime of just over a minute. Blended with a crisp and prominent beat, the backing music is colorful and melodic, featuring an earthy, video game overworld-like ambiance. Xwisdom has a conversational, stream-of-consciousness style delivery that flows evenly.

His voice takes on a cheeky and pleasantly nonchalant tone as he casually relates common sense facts and expresses positive sentiments. The sound is much more “musical” than most hip hop, partially due to the vibrant melodies in the music itself but also as a result of Xwisdom’s delivery, which has a naturally poetic quality. The artist comes off as unassuming and sincere, almost innocent. There is something instantly likable about his personality. He has a fairly well established youtube channel, with vids on a wide variety of subjects (not just music related.) It’s worth checking out. Keep your eyes peeled for his upcoming album, Harmony. XWisdom’s a prolific artist, so if you blink, you might miss it.

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