Shana – No Rainy Days (Jiffthegeneral Garage Mix)


No Rainy Days (Jiffthegeneral Garage Mix) is a UK garage remix of the single released in the summer by artist, Shana. The original song itself was already quite beautiful, but this version is definitely spiced up a bit and primed for the dance floor. Featuring a fresh, groovy beat and a tight flow, this jam moves at a brisk and energized pace. By incorporating the classic UK garage sound (which blends elements of house, R&B, jungle and dance-pop) this track is truly transformed into something distinctive. Unlike with many remixes, the changes here aren’t merely superficial. They’re creative, elaborate and brimming with action. This remix is downright exciting. Shana’s vocal talents remain front and center (she’s a very good singer), but are enhanced and given a new twist in this imaginative and vibrant structure. The remix is a solid dance track, but I highly recommend listeners check out both versions of the song for the complete experience.

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