Kiron – BA LEE DAT (feat. Barry Black)


BA LEE DAT (feat. Barry Black) is a new single from hip hop artist, Kiron. Backed by a theatrical and high intensity musical track, this jam is action packed from beginning to end. The beat is thick and rich with fresh bass. Really, the mix has a nice full sound, with great sonic clarity and audio frequencies that stay within the goldilocks zone. The music sets a high bar for power and energy for these rappers to meet, but Kiron and Barry Black both have commanding voices that manage to be up for the challenge. Their charismatic vocal delivery even manages to increase the overall power level of the song. While the pacing of the song is fairly modest, the vocal timing is on point, and the flow is consistent. There’s actually great synergy between these two artists, whose vocal presences and styles complement each other’s well. There’s no awkwardness or obvious talent imbalances. If I didn’t know any better I would assume these two have been performing together for many years. The conversational back and forth dynamic between them just works.

The lyrics themselves are catchy and have mainstream pop sensibilities. The repetition really drives the title phrase into the listener’s brain. I could easily see BA LEE DAT becoming one of those viral hits that comes out of nowhere, especially since the recording sounds so professional. The production quality is better than what you hear on 99% of indie (and even most major label) hip hop songs. What really animates the song though are the lively performances. These guys don’t just go through the motions of “spouting rhymes.” Every lyric is delivered with a spark of delightful enthusiasm. This release is overflowing with personality. Kiron and Barry Black have created something here that’s worthy of your attention.

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