The Drunk Monks – Decimated Days (8)

Decimated Days is a new single from Australian rock band, The Drunk Monks. I honestly could tell I would like this the moment I saw the band’s name. The group was apparently formed just this year, but by listening to their music you would assume they’ve been playing together for decades. They have great chemistry and are obviously musical veterans. Decimated Days is difficult to classify, as it blends elements from a variety of genres. Basically, it combines classic alternative, with retro-futuristic synthwave and subtle hints of R&B style.

Indie bands typically hate comparisons, but the singer sounds a bit like Billy Corgan. The vocals are dynamically delivered and have just the right amount of brooding angst. The lyrics are strangely catchy. Rather than using simple repetition, the vocal delivery methodically creates suspense and anticipation, leading the listener to sense the phrases that are coming up.

The music and pacing of the track are very much reminiscent of 90s alternative and progressive rock, though this recording has obviously been upgraded for 21st century appeal. The synths on this track are simply incredible. From the moment they kick into high gear, they absolutely electrify the mix, creating a powerful and psychedelically rich atmosphere. The song has an impressively complex and fungible structure, while maintaining a cohesive, discernible identity. It never descends into “sound collage” territory (not that there is anything wrong with sound collages). All in all, Decimated Days is an excellent indie rock release and a metaphorically fitting song to close out the year 2020.

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