Don Pasquale Ferone – Speranza


Speranza is a new single from Italian singer-songwriter, Don Pasquale Ferone. A Catholic priest in the province and suburbs of Naples, Don Pasquale Ferone makes Christian-inspired music. This latest track, Speranza, features elegant guitar rhythms with sonically pleasing tones. The ambiance is rich, energized and spiritually uplifting, as the music maintains a consistently engaging pace. The vocals are dynamic, and Don demonstrates himself to be quite a capable singer without any production tricks or gimmicks. This isn’t all that surprising. I’ve noticed that many church singers and musicians are able to give fantastic performances with nothing more than a microphone. Speranza is a very professional release. The song is meticulously crafted and skillfully executed. While this is a Christian-themed release, the music is enjoyable and could be appreciated by anyone.

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