Brandon Shere – World’s Burning

bw 1

World’s Burning is a new single from Chicago-based songwriter and producer, Brandon Shere. The song blends elements of alternative, hip hop, trip hop and dance. It’s difficult to classify. Brandon grew up all around the US and was likely influenced by a lot of different styles and scenes. While the ambiance is dark and the vibe is mellow, World’s Burning is ultimately a positive and inspirational track with a message of determination and resilience. He leaves it somewhat open for the listener’s interpretation. One could read the song’s message as referring literally to contemporary events (riots, cities burning, COVID, etc), or it can just as easily be related to overcoming any traumatic event or setback in one’s life.

Owing to their presentation and framing, the lyrics are quite catchy, as Brandon proves himself to be a capable songwriter. His voice seems well-suited for this style of music and gets the job done. It comes through nice and clean, too. It’s not all loaded up with autotune and abrasive effects. The recording is robust, and the backing music actually kind of rocking. This is a pretty straightforward and solid jam. You can check out the video below and visit Brandon’s website for more info.

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