Krishane X Smash – Lockdown


Lockdown is a new single from artists, Smash and Krishane. This collaborative effort combines elements of R&B, hip hop and reggae to create a richly melodic sound. The track has an upbeat, energizing tone and a tropical vibe. Combined with dynamic vocals, Lockdown’s rhythmic precision gives the song a catchy quality. Brimming with jovial atmospheric bounce, this jam will put a spring in your step. The performances are professional and pop-friendly, yet the music is ultimately exotic enough to carve out a distinctive identity. The mix is smooth and non-abrasive, with processing that maintains sufficient clarity and hits all the sweetest frequencies. It’s not surprising, given that one of the artists, Smash, teaches music production and audio engineering at the Academy of Contemporary Music. You can check out this release on Spotify and follow the artists’ on Instagram to stay up to date with any upcoming projects.

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