Josh Mosier – Devotion


Devotion is a new EP from Austin-based artist, Josh Mosier. This album has a very personal and intimate feel, like a live studio performance. The backing music is smoooth, groovy and relatively minimalist. It almost reminds me of soft jazzy rock. Atmospheric synths and retro organ sounds create the perfect environment for Josh Mosier’s vocals to thrive in. His stylishly expressive and soulful delivery channels the energy of classic artists like Hall and Oates (though these recordings obviously have a bit more indie flair and an avant garde ambiance).

The production is better quality than you’d expect from a home studio. It’s organic and rich with analog-like warmth. Devotion is a great example of what can be achieved if an artist/producer has a great ear for audio and doesn’t overwhelm the mix with excessive processing plugins and autotune that contemporary artists feel are necessary for a “good” recording. This is a cozy little EP. With this release, Josh Mosier demonstrates that he has artistic depth, technical ability and great aesthetic instincts.

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