Sonic Radiation – Roentgen (10)

Roentgen is a new single from Dallas-based artist, Sonic Radiation (the brainchild of electronic music artist, Todd Last). This latest track is high intensity techno/trance with a pulsating beat and laser beam-like energy. If aliens exist, this is the kind of music I’d expect them to be listening to as their crafts are cruising through deep space. Roentgen is futuristic in every sense of the word. The music blends the energies of atmospheric, antimatter powered engines and mechanical, satellite industrial sounds, while retaining enough ethereal ambiance for the track to retain its spiritual liveliness.

The recording itself is extremely polished and meticulously constructed. Todd Last has been making electronic music for decades and clearly knows what he’s doing. This is the work of a veteran of this genre, not a mere “tinkerer” experimenting with some software he just downloaded. It’s interesting that Sonic Radiation is based in Dallas, as this reminds me a lot of European style techno, both in terms of music and the techno-futurist aesthetics. (12)

While listening to this intellectual jam will give you an instant brain boost, let’s not forget you can also dance to it. The stargate quick pacing will definitely make for a great aerobic workout on the dance floor. You have to admire just how visionary and inspiring this kind of music is, at a time when many people seem less excited about the future and the wonders of the universe. Roentgen is overflowing with energy and musical voltage. This is definitely not “chillwave” music or for the faint of heart. It is powerful and stimulating.

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