Shrt_Lyf – Pretty Eyes and Blue Levi’s


Pretty Eyes and Blue Levi’s is a new single from Mexican-American alt hip hop artist, Shrt_Lyf. This is actually one of the most creative indie hip hop releases I’ve encountered. Shrt_Lyf oscillates between using English and Spanish throughout the song. The processing and effects on the vocals are unique on this recording in that they are used in a way that they transform the artist’s voice in an avant garde way, rather than simply serve a “production” function.

Shrt_Lyf’s performance is exotic and entertaining. The song has a “performance art” quality, and the accompanying video reveals a complex, abstract narrative. Ultimately, it’s a romantic themed song, featuring sincere, lyrical expressions of passion, inner fears and unapologetic love. This isn’t all a big costume show either, Shrt_Lyf raps rather well and demonstrates poetic prowess. The musical side is enjoyable and engaging. Pretty Eyes and Blue Levi’s is genuinely original, and I think the world is destined to be hearing a lot more about this artist in the years ahead.

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