Quentin Quarantino and Snazzzy D – When Worlds Collide

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When Worlds Collide is a new album from Sacramento-based artists, Quentin Quarantino and Snazzzy D. With names like those, you really can’t go wrong. In fact, “Quentin Quarantino” might be the best rapper alias to come out of 2020. While the songs mostly blend elements of soulful R&B and hip hop, there’s quite a lot of content here with plenty of variety in terms of samples and genre artifacts. Some tracks also have an old school analog, organic quality. The bright and melodic Shark Tank sounds like something straight from the golden age of hip hop. It’s just dreamy. The backing music in general on this album is rich with classic warmth and subtle tape hiss/noise.

Snazzzy D and Quentin Quarantino prove themselves to be versatile and capable performers as well. On songs like Financially Stable the vocal delivery has a fluid, conversational feel. Other jams like Social Media Girl contain more straightforward singing (this somewhat humorous track is one of my personal favorites). LoSt TrAcK is another memorable song. It has one of the best melodies on the album, and the performances are stellar. It’s a true gem. There are 13 full tracks on this release, and each one has it’s own distinct musical vibe and narrative theme. I would like to see these artists get a lot more exposure. There are a lot of other decent hip hop artists who can rap or sing well on a technical level, but these guys also have great musical taste and aesthetic sensibilities.

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