Vyblektro – Leave Tonight


Leave Tonight is a new single from Australian artist, Vyblektro. Based in Sydney, Vyblektro has an eclectic musical background, having played drums in a metalcore band, produced boom bap hip hop albums for various artists, produced complextro tracks, and recorded his own hip hop poetry. This latest jam is an electronic dance track, which has an ethereal and euphoric ambiance. “Vyblektro” is really an appropriate moniker for this artist, as Leave Tonight is brimming with positive vibes. The music has an abstract, meditative quality that’s hard to describe in any terms but as a “vibe.”

The female vocals that front the mix are dreamlike and spiritually soothing. Leave Tonight manages to be energizing while also inspiring feelings of tranquility and harmony. It’s mood music you can dance to. Vyblektro is clearly a versatile and talented artist. You’d almost never guess that this was made by someone who produced hip hop tracks and played in a metalcore band. Great stuff here, cerebral and satisfying.

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