Alex Julia – Better Part of Me


Better Part of Me is a new EP from New Jersey-based singer/songwriter, Alex Julia. The songs have an authentic alternative rock sound, while sometimes incorporating elements of synthwave and other genres. Stylewise, this music is like a cross between Alanis Morrisette and the band, Garbage. It’s a little bit more rocking than standard “singer/songwriter” fare, as Alex Julia really belts out the lyrics with passion, her melodic vocals managing to hold their own against a backdrop of powerful guitars and an assertive drum beat.

There are some terrific harmonies and effective usages of vocal layering. I particularly like the effects employed, which give Alex’s voice the organic feel of a live, onstage performance. The overall mix is full-bodied and really just rocks. My favorite track on this EP is Counting Stars, which features some radical synths and darkly hypnotic ambiance. Better Part of Me is a solid collection of jams, and from both a musical and artistic perspective, represents exactly what indie music is supposed to be about.

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