Ricardo Katsuki – MegaMashUp Best of 2020


MegaMashUp Best of 2020 is a new mashup from Japan-based artist, Ricardo Katsuki. Fromerly from Peru, he’s a seasoned veteran of the club circuit and has over 20 years under his belt DJing in popular spots all over Japan and Peru. His mashups and megamixes are fast paced and punchy. Ricardo keeps the action moving nonstop. He holds the listener’s attention with a plethora of quick edits that engage the senses. These flash transitions are smooth, and the scope of the mashup covers practically the whole gamut of contemporary pop jams and icons.

The vibe is incredibly high energy and tailor suited for the dance floor. This particular megamashup focuses on reggaeton, hip hop, pop, and latin music but contain elements of other genres as well. The mashups are well choreographed and often so precise you can’t even detect the maneuvers unless you’re already super familiar with the official songs. This guy is a natural DJ and is obviously very good at what he does. He has a good ear for sound and great instincts as far as piecing things together to achieve a desired aesthetic.

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