Eva Constance – Selfish


Selfish is a new single from Eva Constance, a singer/songwriter from Hartford, CT. She has a strong vocal background, having originally learned to sing in the church choir as a child. Her first official single, Hold Me, was released in 2018. After a short break she’s back on the scene with her latest track, Selfish. Featuring an exotically futuristic and ambient beat, the song has an original feel. Eva Constance’s vocals are sensual and entrancing. Not only is she a proficient singer, but her voice seems just right for this style of music.


The song is essentially about the positive and romantic desire to be selfish, with the one you love and wanting to have the person all to yourself. The video for this jam has great color usage and setting. Everything from the outfits to the screen tint to the abstract art in the background and the beachfront outside aesthetically capture the mood of the song. The mix is sonically smooth and professional. Selfish is a legit pop song, and Eva Constance has definitely found her sound. Be on the lookout for her next single, Tangler, which is slated for release in January 2021.

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