Nick Duane – Remake Remix EP


Remake Remix is a new EP from Rhode Island-based singer/songwriter, Nick Duane. Blending elements of classic alternative and pop-rock, these songs would have seemed right at home on the soundtrack of any quintessential late 80s or early 90s indie film. The opening track, That’s What You Want features robust guitars and pleasantly haunting vocals. I can see why he leads with it as it’s peppy, catchy and just feels like a casual hit.

The recordings on this EP are professional, yet retain their intimate and organic indie authenticity. Nick Duane doesn’t wreck the sound with the kind of over processing and sterilizing effects contemporary artists tend to favor. One of my favorite songs on this release is Java Sea, with its hypnotically rhythmic guitars and reverberative oceanic vibes. It’s an avant garde, mini-masterpiece. The album closest out with (Those) Little Acts Of Betrayal a quirky jam with a totally cool beat and a creative delivery style. All in all, Remake Remix is one of the best little albums to slip in under the radar in 2020.

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