Triangle Space – The Water Has No Memory


The Water Has No Memory is the debut EP from instrumental progressive rock band, Triangle Space. One remarkable piece of trivia about this release is that it was recorded via long distance, by way of Argentina, Colombia and the USA. The songs are performed at a high level, both musically and intellectually. The album is very meditative and conceptual, while still finding a way to rock pretty hard. One of my favorite jams on here is Animals, which features invigorating guitar melodies and a consistent intensity, almost like Iron Maiden without lyrics. Other songs like Flower Moon are futuristic and cerebral.

The vibe of these recordings is epic and theatrical. Don’t be fooled by the fact that this release contains only 5 songs. This is a highly imaginative and comprehensive progressive rock opera, which punches well above its weight. It is absolutely flawless. These guys are clearly phenomenal musicians who know what they’re doing, and the recording quality is excellent. Impressive on multiple levels, The Water Has No Memory blends abstract contemplation and sentimentality with powerful rock to create something truly stellar.

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