Flippin’ Gothic Fabp – From My Brain To You

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From My Brain To You is a new album from hip hop artist, Flippin’ Gothic Fabp. The jams on this release feature hypnotic, retro synth arrangements, which serve as an ideal musical backdrop for Flippin’ Gothic Fabp’s smooth and intriguing vocals. The ambiance is entrancing and the music is just very pleasant to listen to. I have to say that the synths are just awesome. They have an analog quality and give the beats a classic film soundtrack vibe and slightly haunting feel. On some songs like Rocky Rap -N- Swing and Bubble Sound Pop the beat is more pronounced, and the bass is a bit more “thumpin.'” As the title suggests, this is a very cerebral hip hop album. It’s experimental and avant garde. The artist is not afraid to take chances, yet the music still retains all the appeal associated with its hip hop identity.

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